Author Topic: Frequency boundaries (FM - YM2612)  (Read 683 times)

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Frequency boundaries (FM - YM2612)
« on: July 26, 2018, 06:00:11 pm »
I noted there is a frequency clipping in effect during some effects such as portamento:
- If frequency rises above 1286, it steps back to 644 and adds an octave
- If frequency lowers below 645, it steps up to 1287 and remove an octave

Obviously first issue is limits being different depending on if you are inreasing or lowering frequency.

Also the second rule has some side effects:
- you can't portamento down to a C note (freq 644). You end up at 1287 at the lower octave
- clipping somehow kicks in before vibrato, so a vibrato on C will also work from 1287 at the lower octave and add/remove from it (going as high as 1355).

Is there a motive behind this behavior that I should repicate in my player, or is it an oversight ? (using 0.12.0)

Edit: Sorry I meant YM2612, working on a 2610 player tho, getting mixed up :P
Also can confirm this beahavior is still happening on V0.12.1
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