Author Topic: Panning issue in Game Boy mode  (Read 1754 times)

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Panning issue in Game Boy mode
« on: April 18, 2017, 09:20:24 am »

I wanted to report a bug in Deflemask's Game Boy mode. It's present both in the 0.12.0 release and all of the 0.12.1 prereleases to date, as far as I've seen.

Sometimes, in specific songs, a certain note will play panned to the left or to the right even when there isn't an active 08 01 or a 08 10 effect. This will happen even if I specify a 08 11 effect for that note. However, it will only happen if I play the song from the beginning, or from a few patterns back. If I hit play from that specific pattern, the note will play normally.

I'm attaching the beginning of one of my songs, which displays the panning issue. Pay attention to the SQ2 channel, pattern 14, line 18. Make sure to play the module from the start.

This error tends to happen when there's two or three similar notes playing at once: for example, in this case there's two D-5 notes and a D-7 note playing at the same time. So it feels like the output is "saturated", somehow, and the player pans the note to compensate.

The panning issue only happens when there's an 08 effect active in some other channel. If I turn off all the 08 effects from the pattern, instead of wrongly panning the note, it plays slightly dulled.

.gbs and .gb exports are OK, and .gbs exported files play fine with Nezplug. So this only appears to be a problem with Deflemask playback, and it carries over into WAV export.

I use the Linux version of Deflemask, running Ubuntu, and I've tested it in two different computers. I can't test the Windows version right now: I seem to recall experiencing the same problem, but I may be mistaken.

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Panning issue in Game Boy mode
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2017, 11:30:28 am »
Thanks for the report. I will look into this and should be fixed in the v0.12.1 final release.