Author Topic: Mega Drive VGM players / ROM builders outside of Defle?  (Read 1593 times)

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Mega Drive VGM players / ROM builders outside of Defle?
« on: December 08, 2015, 05:13:56 PM »
Hello, peeps. Apparently and from what I recall from the last time I tested the ROM builder in DefleMask, the playback engine is much better than that of DeadFish's Megadrive VGM Player,  despite being based upon it. However, being unable to create more elaborated G3 tags or add more VGMs is a bit of a problem.

I found out why DF's ROM builder wouldn't let me use VGMs made in DefleMask, and it was because it can't handle 1.61 VGMs, so I started exporting them in 1.60 which, played in Winamp or Foobar2000 (with in_vgm and foo_input_vgm respectively), didn't sound any different to their 1.61 counterparts; the issues that I experienced with the ROM builder, though, were that samples would cut each other off just a bit before they'd start playing, and certain loop points in certain VGMs would act up resulting in very long delays before the desired position jump, mostly FM only VGMs trimmed with vgm_trim; FM+PCM+PSG VGMs worked fine so it's not vgm_trim causing it, same happened trimming with VGMTool's old trimming code.

Then there's this other Mega Drive VGM player and ROM builder which looks much simpler and discrete and plays samples more accurately, although it has one issue: it doesn't support VGMs newer than 1.50, and 1.60 ones get imported with no PCM in them. I tested it with Bare Knuckle VGMs and the engine plays alright, and I tried downgrading a DefleMask 1.60 VGM with samples using vgm_ptch which resulted in no samples playing at all, not even on Winamp or Foobar.

Since from what I understand there's no way to make the format 1.50 PCM compatible in DefleMask, I want to know if there are any other accurate ROM builders out there, or better yet, if MJS(?)'s ROM builder that's integrated in DefleMask can be used separately to incorporate more complete G3 tags and multiple VGMs.
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