Author Topic: Partial Introduction/Dumping YM2151 intstrument patches from VGZ/VGM?  (Read 2485 times)

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Heya, I like VGMs and chiptunes, as you may or may not've guessed. I haven't really composed any original songs sadly, as I've mostly worked on (unfinished) covers. I kinda struggle to come up with and keep a consistent tune. I found out about Deflemask a few years ago, when I was looking for a Megadrive tracker that wasn't a pain to use, and since then, I've enjoyed using it quite a bit. Aside from Deflemask, the only other trackers I've mainly used inlcude FamiTracker, and OpenMPT. Maybe if I can stop being lazy, I'll finish something cool and share it on here.

On a semi-related note, I might as well try asking a question. Is there any tool or method of getting instrument patches/settings out of YM2151 VGM rips? There were a few tools that could do this with YM2612 tracks, but seemingly never one for YM2151. The closest I could find was a discontinued program called VGM2PRE which was planned to support this as a feature, but it never got implemented. Alternatively, if there are any different ways to approach this, please shed some light here.

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Partial Introduction/Dumping YM2151 intstrument patches from VGZ/VGM?
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2017, 01:03:47 am »
It depends on what system your trying to rip from. Arcade machines and the X68000 are the two that come to my mind.

For arcade machines, I would go to here,
It has 1300+ different patches from YM2151 arcade games ripped by Luke McQueen. If the game your looking for isn't there, you might need to rip them manually.
The program I use to rip the patches from VGMs is funnily enough a VGM to MIDI tool that also extracts the patches in both OPM and SysEx format! Linked here (However the SysEx format doesn't seem to work for me.)

First, try searching for your game in VGM format. EX: [GAME NAME] VGM. Some sites will have all the songs logged to VGM so all you have to do is extract the patches using the VGM to MIDI program. However, be wary of songs logged to VGZ format. This format will not work in the VGM to MIDI program. (Unless there is another converter out there that does that. If so, please link it here because that would make things easier.) If the game your looking for is not in VGM format or hasn't been logged at all, EX: NBA Jam, you will need to manually log the VGMs yourself.
The program that I have used that can log some arcade games to VGM is M1 Arcade Music Player found here. It runs in command prompt however so it doesn't have a GUI compared to VGM to MIDI.
After you have logged all the songs then you can drop them into VGM to MIDI to rip the patches.

As for X68000, I just recently wrote a tutorial that covers how to rip X68000 patches using Hoot, a Japanese PC music player. The link to that post is here. Just follow Step 1.

I hope this answers your question. Have fun! :)