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Changelog: 4.0
« on: October 13, 2011, 06:06:01 pm »
01: Added NOTE OFF command to the Samples on GENESIS.
02: A new and exclusive VGM_Play version is included with DefleMask (it support VGMs 1.60), thanks MJS!.
03: Button Added: SAVE ROM, this button will call VGM_Play automatically to convert the VGM to a ROM file.
04: Added Global Shrink and Global Expand buttons.
05: Added keyboard shortcut for local Shrink and local Expand (CTRL+S and CTRL+E).
06: Added support for backwards Bxx command and then, with this effect, you can create looped VGMs.
07: The performance of audio playback and buffering is way better now.
08: Added support for YM2612 ".ins" presets from MVS Tracker.
09: Max Value now is 0xFF, recalibrate your volumes please.
10: Emulators now are included inside DefleMask, in order to make the port to other SOs without Microsoft DLLs issues.
11: Now you can use the entire YM2612 octaves, from 0 to 8.
12: Faster Wav Exporting.
13: ESC key, Left Mouse Button or Enter key will skip the startup screen.
14: NTSC and PAL timing more accurate.
15: DAC/PCM Writing more accurate.
16: Data folder renamed to Extras, inside it you will found VGM_Play, the lastest in_vgm Winamp Plugin and more.
17: Solved a bug with the vertical scroll under Instrument Editor mode.
18: Fixed some compatibility issues with some versions of Windows 7.
19: A lot of bugs fixed.
20: Manual Updated.

Update 1 @ 14/10/11:
01: Solved some VGM Loops issues. Thanks to Valley Bell.
02: Middle Mouse Button in the Pattern Matrix = ID to be the lastest one in the matrix.
03: Fixed a note triggering bug in the SN76489.
04: Fixed a noise mode issue in the SN76489.
05: Manual Updated.

Update 2 @ 16/10/11:
01: Added EDxx - Note Delay Effect.
02: Added ECxx - Note Cut Effect.
03: Added support for load SMPS .bin instruments in the YM2612 Editor.
04: Added Sonic - Green Hill zone Module file.
05: Manual Updated.

Update 3 @ 20/10/11:
01: Solved a bug with the "Normal Noise Mode" of the SN76489.

Update 4 @ 23/10/11:
01: Due to a report, a bug of the mouse scrolling under the instrument editor was solved.

Update 5 @ 24/10/11:
01: Added 0x19 Global AR Control effect to Genesis.
02: Added 0x1A AR Operator 1 Control effect to Genesis.
03: Added 0x1B AR Operator 2 Control effect to Genesis.
04: Added 0x1C AR Operator 3 Control effect to Genesis.
05: Added 0x1D AR Operator 4 Control effect to Genesis.
06: Manual Updated.

Update 6 @ 29/10/11:
01: Bug Fixed: Fast playing cursor after a song repeat under YMU759 mode (thanks Raijin for report this).

Update 7 @ 01/11/11:
01: Now you can add up to 4 columns for effects by pressing a "+" button in the upper part of each channel.
02: Added a button in the pattern matrix to send the current frame to the buttom.
03: Fixed some bugs.
04: Manual updated.
Hot-Fix: Fixed a delay while using the command Bxx.

Update 8 @ 12/11/11:
01: Fixed a bug in the instrument editor window.
02: Delek's GUI Engine optimized and more faster.
03: Other minor bugs fixed.
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