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Changelog: 5.0
« on: December 04, 2011, 08:41:09 pm »
01: System Added: Game Boy.
02: Envelopes Generators for SN76489, Game Boy or any non-FM soundchip.
03: Two types of instruments, Standard (STD, Envelopes) and Frequency Modulation (FM, Registers).
04: Re sampler and pitch/amplitude modifiers for loaded WAV files.
05: Now you can set the sample rate of a particular sample independently, instead of having a global sample rate.
06: Added ROM Builder for SEGA Master System.
07: Effect for Game Boy Added: 0x10 Set WAVE.
08: Effect for Game Boy Added: 0x11 Set Noise Polynomial Counter Mode.
09: Effect for Game Boy Added: 0x12 Set Duty Cycle.
10: Now the instrument editor is a transparent floating sub window, so you can select a channel in the patterns and test out melodies while you are tracking.
- (because of this change, the copy/paste/switch instruments shortcuts commands, inside the instrument window, changed to shift+ctrl+c to copy, shift+ctrl+v to paste and shift+left/shift+right to switch, in order to avoid conflicts with the patterns movements and copies/pastes).
11: Now the volume values are soundchip dependent, so, for example, now you can set volume values from 0 to F in Game Boy or SN76489 soundchips, but up to 7F in YM2612. This is more intuitive than the previous method of a global 0 to FF volume values (old dmf modules will be re-scaled).
12: Standard Effect Added: 0x09 - Set Speed 1.
13: Standard Effect Added: 0x0F - Set Speed 2.
14: Two new textures added for skins: Graph Background and Graph.
15: Three new color for skins added: Graph Line, Graph Back and Graph Point.
16: The "presets" label is changed to "instruments" in all the DefleMask code.
17: Instruments limit expanded to 128.
18: A lot of changes and updates to the GUI engine code.
19: Better interface.
20: Lot of fixed bugs.
21: Manual Updated.
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