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Changelog: 5.1b
« on: December 10, 2011, 06:26:11 pm »
01: Game Boy Effect Added: 13xy - Hardware Sweep.
02: Game Boy Effect Added: 14xx - Sweep Time.
03: Now you can change the TL value on Genesis System while a note is triggering.
04: Serious bug fixed: A bad concatenation while saving an instrument could make DefleMask crash.
05: Note Delay Effect EDxx Fixed on Game Boy and SN76489.
06: Fixed a error in the frequency table that produced the same pitch for notes A#6 and B6.
07: Fixed a desynchronization issue with the follow row mode.
08: Now you can use the Axx effect with an envelope without problems.
09: Now you can press apart from Enter, the enter from the Numpad to play/stop the song.
10: Fixed a potential bug with the panning effect.
11: Fixed the fact that you could move to the right in the rows indefinitely (now the limit works right regardless of the system selected).
12: Fixed an Operator order issue, the order was 1 3 2 4, now it is 1 2 3 4. If you have a module that uses operator based effects, you should switch operator 2 and 3.
13: Moved a little to the left the save instrument dialog.
14: Manual Updated.
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