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Changelog: 5.1d
« on: December 17, 2011, 06:06:45 pm »
01: Now, if you use a large resolution, the buttons and information will be spaced under an acceptable limit.
02: Value added on config.ini: Skip_Intro. Setting it to 1 will tell to DefleMask not to show any intro screen.
03: Checkbox added on Options menu: Play on Load. Check it if you want not to start hearing the track just after load it.
04: Keyboard Shortcuts Added: Ctrl+ADD/Ctrl+SUBTRACT -> Change Step.
05: Now the buttons under the instrument editor window while it is in the right side will be hidden.
06: Now the highlights settings will be saved on your modules.
07: The waveforms of the YMU759 remained always on the left side, now they follow the instrument editor window correctly.
08: Now the System's string "Game Boy" is stored on the Game Boy's VGMs.
09: A sync bug with the Bxx effect while doing a loop is now fixed.
10: Manual Updated.
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