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Changelog: 5.2
« on: April 02, 2012, 04:54:55 am »
@ 13/04/12
01: The selection now is free, you can select effects+notes, or effects and instruments or effects and effects. And paste the result in any place. (finally!!)
02: Now DefleMask avoid retrigger the same note repeatedly in an Arpeggio Macro, this avoids a "click sound" in some Systems (like the Game Boy).
03: Fixed the fine pitch in the YM2612, now it is more precise.
04: Fixed a camera limit issue, that was avoiding keeping the current camera position after a pause.
05: Manual Updated.

@ 09/04/12
01: Fixed a noise mode bug in the SN76489.
02: Fixed the noise preview pitch in the SN76489.

@ 07/04/12
01: Fixed a mouse clicking bug while you are on the Instrument List Mode.
02: Now the instrument edit window will change dynamically if you select another instrument from the instrument list.

@ 05/04/12
01: Added Ctrl+B: Paste and Mix.
02: Manual fixed and updated.

@ 02/04/12
01: Added Arpeggio Envelopes.
02: Added Duty Cycle Envelopes.
03: Added Waveform Envelopes (for the systems that support its, Game Boy for example).
04: Standard Effect Added: E5xx - Set Fine Tune.
05: Added compression to the DMF Format, compression ratio 40/1 (for example, Delek - Dojo.dmf -> 308kb now 8kb, Green Hill Zone 159kb now 6kb).
06: All DMFs were saved saved on the new format, so the DefleMask package is lighter now.
07: Added a new window to confirm before closing and starting a new song!.
08: Changed the struct of the save menu popup, now it is on a new floating window.
09: Fixed a frequency limit bug in the SN76489 soundchip!.
10: Fixed the behavior of the Volume effects, for example now it speed depends on the precision of the current system.
11: Fixed screen movement bugs while you were using more than 2 extra effect in any channel.
12: Fixed an AR slider bug under YAMAHA YMU759 system.
13: Now you can have more than 1 instance of DefleMask running on your computer.
14: Manual updated.
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