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Changelog: 7
« on: June 20, 2012, 06:50:36 pm »
01: Fixed a frequency calculation error in the noise channel of the Game Boy.
02: Fixed incompatibility issues with the sound in some Linux's Distributions.
03: Removed SDL.dll from the Linux Build, it was in the package due to a mistake.

Few hours after the first 7.0 Release:
01: Due to a HUGE and AWESOME track done by Chip Champion for Battle Of The Bits I realized that the memory allocation was very slow, I speed it up a lot by using blocks of memory instead of individual requests.
02: Re-enabled the note previewing, it was disabled to debugging.
03: Fixed a bug in the Load Files menu under Linux.

01: Linux Build!, I tested it on Ubuntu 10 and runs pretty good.
02: The ROM Builders now are faster and transparent, they are included in DefleMask Core.
03: Fixed some issues with insert/backspace commands in a selection.
04: Fixed a bug in the stop playback command that was letting the noise channel of the PC-Engine sounding.
05: Fixed a bug related to the size of a song in memory, cleaned lot of things.
06: Lot of bugs fixed.
07: Manual Updated.
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