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Changelog: 9
« on: December 31, 2012, 09:33:21 pm »

If you want the old 9s version:

DefleMask 9s (@05/14/14):
After lot of work and debugging (thanks r57shell, littlelamp100 and bod) the random crash was fixed!!, now the tracker is completely stable.
Now a backup module will be automatically saved in the DefleMask folder, this was added to prevent data loss if you suffer a crash or a power failure.
Better default Commodore 64 instrument.
Now vibratos will not cancel arpeggios (Backward compatibility warning: if you used that behavior to cancel arpeggios then you will have to add a 00 00 effect now to cancel it).
Fixed an issue regarding to module name while opening it trough the OS explorer and switching to another system while a song was already loaded.
Now you can click on names under the SAVE/LOAD file screen, before you needed to click on the folder/file tiny icons.
More demo songs!
Manual updated.

DefleMask 9f (@03/15/14):
Fixed a random crash.
The selected row will move with you trough pastes, so now you can done continuous pastes.
Now you can click on names under the load screen, before you needed to click on the folder/file tiny icons.
Juicy skin by Demick12 updated.
Added some new demo songs.

DefleMask 9e HotFix 3 (@08/17/13):
Fixed some bugs regarding to the pattern play and the INSERT key behavior.

DefleMask 9e HotFix 2 (@07/20/13):
Fixed a bug with insert button.
Fixed a bug with undo.

DefleMask 9e HotFix 1 (@07/19/13):
Pattern Play fixed, it was disabled in latest release.

DefleMask 9e (@07/13/13):
New Vibrato stuff:
   Standard Effect Added: E3xx - Set Vibrato Mode (1=UP ONLY (like guitars), 2=DOWN ONLY, 0=both/normal)
   Standard Effect Added: E4xx - Set Fine Vibrato Depth.
   Fixed a bug regarding to vibrato depth of the YM2612 soundchip.
   Vibrato phase now is correctly reseted between vibrato commands.
   This is what you can do with this new effects.
Now if you switch between systems more data will be preserved (instruments, tempo, samples, wavetables, etc).
Now DefleMask will start with a default instrument already created. You don't have to go to Instrument list and click on New to make a sound (anti noob users feature :P).
Bugs fixed.
Manual Updated.
Linux, Windows and OS X builds updated.

DefleMask 9d HotFix 1 (@06/29/13):
Fixed a strange bug that was preventing clicking the pattern matrix in some cases.

DefleMask 9d (@06/25/13):
Fixed a bug in Game Boy Volume Playback inside the tracker.
Now if you load a sample with a compatible rate (8000hz, 11025hz, 16000hz, 22050hz and 32000hz) the tracker will set the playback rate of that sample automatically.
Now if you save a instrument the name that you selected while saving will be copied to the actual name of the instrument.
Now the STD instruments will start with a pre-defined volume envelope.
Now the FM instruments will start with a pre-defined nice instrument.
Added Mama_Gede Skins by CuttingAgent.
Windows, Linux and Mac builds updated.

DefleMask 9c HotFix 2 (@06/09/13):
Fixed a live mode bug, regarding to instrument changing while live playback.
New version of DMF Format and DMP Format, check DMF Format Specs and DMP Format Specs. Backward compatibility is granted.
Updated Rael64 by jrlepage (Commodore 64 Demo Songs).
Mac OS X, Linux and Windows builds updated.

DefleMask 9c HotFix 2 (@27/05/13):
Dynamic changing of instruments parameters was disabled during playback, it is working again now.

DefleMask 9c HotFix 1 (@26/05/13):
Fixed a re-initialization bug with the Commodore 64 emulator.
Fixed a UI bug that was preventing clicking the pattern matrix.

DefleMask 9c (@25/05/13):
Added "The Live Mode", you can set loop points on the fly, add in the queue new patterns, clear the loop points with Ctrl+C, follow the song freely mute channels dynamically with Keyboard Shortcuts and more (please RTM for more details).
Now the SID chips (8550 & 6181) are emulated using reSID core, one of the most accurate SID emulator out there.
Fixed the volume thing on Game Boy rom builder, all songs are HW compatible now.
GBS export for Game Boy working perfectly.
Now you can press Ctrl+1/2/3 etc to mute channels dinamically.
Now the pattern data will be preserved while changing systems, Green Hill zone on NES sounds good!
Now the FM instruments will be initialized to a sounding configuration.
Now you can scroll faster the Instruments window by pressing the arrow buttons on the screen.
Fixed the keylayout window, now all keys are compatible and the window position is fixed.
Fixed a bug in the YM2612 emulator that was preventing some starting notes to sound.
Added various new Demo Songs: Toejam & Earl and Comix Zone tracks to Genesis, A Nude Tomorrow by Chip Champion to Game Boy and more.
Manual Updated.

DefleMask 9b HotFix 1 (@04/02/13):
Fixed Alt+Right/Left shortcuts.
Fixed the movement of ALG numbers of FM instruments while playing.

DefleMask 9b (@03/02/13):
New and better SID export for Commodore 64, awesome use of memory and great sync.
Added lot of accurate code to the SID, some of your tunes will need some adjusts.
Effect Added to Commodore 64: 15xx - ADSR Hard Reset Time Set.
Now the effect 1Axx ADSR Reset is ON by default, setting it to 1 will NOT reset the ADSR on next notes on, setting it to 0 will use 15xx to perform the ADSR Hard Reset. Your tunes may need adjusts.
Added color change to the cursor while recording, it will be painted as "Effects Value" color (RED on default theme skin).
Added numbers to the Algorithms of FM instruments.
Improved some points of the GUI.
Shortcuts Alt+Up/Alt+Down acts like Backspace and Insert.
Some bugs fixed.
Manual Updated.
Linux, Mac and Windows builds updated.

DefleMask 9 Mac (@15/01/13):
Now "Command key" + "Delete" will act like a normal deletion, Alt+Up/Alt+Down are backspace and insert.
"Command key" now will act like Ctrl also, so all the shortcuts that are refereed to Ctrl now belongs to the Command key (Copy, Paste, Cut, Interpolate, etc)

DefleMask 9 (@ 02/01/13):
Fixed a bug with the resonance emulation of the C64.
Fixed a bug with filter-cutoff macro of C64.
Fixed a bug with the ECxx command.

DefleMask 9 (@ 01/01/13):

Mac OS X Build!
Soundchip Added: MOS Technology SID 6581.
Soundchip Added: MOS Technology SID 8580.
System Added: Commodore 64.
Added sample banks, so the limit of the samples was increased to 144, 12 samples per bank and 12 max bank samples.
Added lot of effects exclusively to the Commodore 64 (Change Wave, Filter Cutoff Reset, Pulse Width, etc).
Added Progressive Duty Cycle Macro to the Commodore 64.
Added Progressive Filter Cutoff-Freq Macro to the Commodore 64.
Added Global Play/Stop Shortcut: Ctrl+Enter, it will play/stop all Opened DefleMask in the OS.
Added Fixed mode to the Arpeggio Macro (very useful for bass and drums in SMS, Game Boy, NES, C64, etc).
Added basic .SID exporting to Commodore 64.
Added control to the special noise mode for SMS in the Noise Macro too (now it have 4 usable values).
Added a Filename display, it will display also if the current module was modified and not saved (Ctrl+S quicksave).
Shortcut added: Ctrl+Up/Down, move between patterns.
Standard Effect Added: E1xy - Note Slide Up.
Standard Effect Added: E2xy - Note Slide Down.
Standard Effect Added: EBxx - Set Samples Bank.
Updated in_vgm to the latest version (RAW PCM Samples in NES, Full PC-Engine Support, and more).
Now vibratos do not cancel Portamentos.
Now Portamentos do not cancel Vibratos.
Now a NOTE-OFF will not cancel arpeggios and other effects, useful with systems that have hardware envelopes.
Now if you click a file on the save file window, you can get that name file.
Fixed the 512kb limit of samples in the NSF exporter, now you can use the full 1MB of samples without problems in NES.
Fixed the phase reset on NES Squares on starting portamentos.
Fixed the Undo/Redo while interpolating/shrinking/expanding.
Fixed a display bug with the Algorithms of FM soundchips.
Fixed the 0Axy effect behavior.
Fixed strange jumps while doing long portamentos down.
Fixed a crash bug regarding to load a new key layout.
Demo Song Added for NEC PC-Engine: jrlepage - The Adventures of Claude Vorilhon
Demo Song Added for SEGA Master System: Ultrasonic Madness - Monday
Many Demo Songs and examples added to Commodore 64.
Some GUI changes to improve the workflow.
Many bugs fixed.
Mac OS X, Linux and Windows builds updated.
Manual Updated.
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