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Changelog: 10
« on: May 09, 2015, 06:24:05 pm »
If you want the old 10c version:

DefleMask 10c (@05/09/15):
MIDI Input Devices WOW!
Boost in performance, DefleMask rendering system now is a lot faster.
The clipboard is now shared between DefleMask instances. You can copy and paste pattern information between different DefleMask's windows.
.hes ROM export for PC-Engine!
The Game Boy now uses internal HW volume envelopes, this means 100% compatibility on the hardware. Just the way it should be. Side effect: no more volume macro, you will have to modify your existing tunes.
Fixed a bug regarding to the INTERPOLATE command (Ctrl + I) It works perfectly now.
Fixed a bug with the fine tunning command in some channels.
Alphabetical sorting on Linux of files lists.
A backup file will be automatically created when there's a new change in the module.
Fixed a bug related to exceed the max patterns limit of 128.
Hold a button pressed is now supported, it will call the button function repeatedly every 100ms.
Game Boy Effect added: 13xy - Set Sweep Time and Shift
Game Boy Effect added: 14xy - Set Sweep Direction
Game Boy emulator changed: NEZPlug++ core.
As requested, now the volume column for FM Instruments will modify only the carriers volume of the current instrument.
Custom hz playback engine is now supported on exported roms!
New default SEGA Genesis instrument.
Added slider bars for the pattern view and the instrument editor.
Fixed an undo/redo bug.
UI with bugs fixed and addons.
Manual Updated.
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