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Changelog: 3.6
« on: September 04, 2011, 12:57:35 pm »
3.6 Released!.
It is a bug-cleaned 3.5 version, also with some interesting NEWS:

01: Standard Effect Added: 0x05 Portamento to note and volume slide.
02: Standard Effect Added: 0x06 Vibrato and volume slide.
03: Standard Effect Added: 0x0A Volume slide.
04: HOME key selects the first row of the selected column.
05: ESC confirmation message to prevent an accidental exit.
06: New start up tune using GENESIS System done by Demick12.
07: Added a basic NTSC/PAL selector, set the tick time to 60hz or 50hz actually.
08: More precise TickTime value (100 MAX).
09: Reduced the size of the generated VGMs.
10: Tuning of YM2612 corrected.
11: Solved some mouse movements issues.
12: The volume values are more accurate (please re-calibrate the volume values in your tunes).
13: The volume were established to the FULL value after a NOTE-OFF command, now works properly remembering the last vol-value.
14: VGM Files can be converted to BIN using VGM_PLAY 3.1.
15: Playback timing corrected.
16: Manual Updated.
17: SN76489 correctly limited to the lowest possible note (A1).
18: Bug Corrected: The instruments of the YM2612 were initialized with wrong panning.
19: Bug Corrected: Octaves were mapped incorrectly on Genesis and SMS modes.
20: Bug Corrected: Bugs with the instrument edit window and the actual instrument sounding.
21: Bug Corrected: The Arpeggio effect remained on after a NOTE-OFF.
22: Bug Corrected: Now Undo/Redo take in account the instrument value.
23: Bug Corrected: Startup logo movement issue.

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Changelog and Requests: 3.6
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2011, 10:09:45 pm »
3.6 setup re-uploaded due to a malfunction discovered on the basetime calculation.