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Title: Changelog: v0.12.0
Post by: Delek on June 03, 2016, 03:32:57 pm

UI re-designed.
Pattern matrix and instrument list are both visible at the same time.
Added native file load/save dialogs for all operating systems.
Added a new system that enables the Special Mode of the CH3 in the YM2612 (the operators have independent frequencies)
Contextual menus (File, Edit, About) instead of FastTracker based navigation (Disk .Op, Options, etc)
Added a piano for note inputs and visualization.
Added a BPM display.
Added keyboard shortcuts for Open: Ctrl+O, New: Ctrl+N, Play: F5, Play from current position: Shift+Return/F7 and Play pattern: Alt+Return/F6.
Max patterns row count increased to 256.
Updated the C64 rom exporter, it is fast and roms are smaller.
Updated the reSID core for better Commodore 64 sound emulation.
Now .vgm files will be automatically optimized by passing through vgm_cmp, the official .vgm compression engine.
Now sliders/scroll wheel will react if you are over his sub-window space.
Now you can preview the previous and next pattern.
Now the loaded .wav filename is displayed on the samples editor window.
Now ctrl+left click on a pattern index in the matrix will copy that pattern into a unused one.
Now PSG instruments in Genesis play if you jam the keyboard while playing a song.
Now .vgm/roms and the tracker will behave the same when looping tracks (the tracker was actually resetting too much stuff when a loop start)
Now you have access to all systems folder when loading a module, this will let you load->switch systems a lot faster.
Now both 8bits and 16bits wavs are supported as samples.
Now you can create straight lines in macros graphs by holding down right mouse button.
Now the arpeggio effect on FM chips will not reset the envelope on every note.
Now if you scroll until the end/start of the current pattern you will be automatically moved to the next/previous one.
Changed the behavior of the E5xx - Fine Tune effect: Now its range is a whole note rather than 1/4. E500 means note - 1 semitone, E5FF means note + 1 semitone.
Game Boy emulator core updated to NezPlug++
Nintendo NES emulator core updated to NSFPlay 2.3
SN76489 emulator core updated, volumes and noise output are more accurate now.
YM2612+PSG volume re-balanced to a more accurate relation.
Now the YM2612 updates at HW rate (53267hz) this makes the SSG-EG more accurate among other things.
Now you can stop volume sliding effects by entering 0A 00 or setting a new volume value in the volume column.
Load/File menu now lists 20 files instead of 10 (more files visible in the list).
Ctrl+F1/F2/F3/F4 now work without recording mode enabled.
Ctrl+F1/F2 now works on instrument and volume column to rapidly change many of values at the same time.
Added mute buttons to the FM operators.
Added Zap option under the edit menu (to clear song, pattern or instruments)
Added Poly input under options menu (Ctrl+P shortcut) to switch between chords and mono MIDI input (also works while jamming when the song is playing)
Added bold font type selector under options menu.
Added END/HOME function keys while editing texts.
Added hybrid .hes roms headers so Ootake and other emulators don't complain.
Added more demo songs to all systems.
Now the Arpeggio Tick is controlled by a new effect 0Exx. It is no more a global per module value.
Added a gradient color between max volume values and zero (Volume and Volume_min in colors.ini file)
Added 3 more values to Skins colors.ini file: Windows_Background, Volume_min and Record_Background.
Added a new effect: EExx (Sync Signal) to be used in .vgm exports (it writes a data block of type FF size 1 with data xx and flashes the tracker background when found)
Fixed the EDxx effect, now it delays correctly any other effect on the same row.
Fixed an AMP slider bug in the samples editor window that was causing distortion on negative sample values.
Fixed playback rate of Commodore 64 reSID engine.
Fixed a clipboard bug that was affecting the pattern matrix.
Fixed some header issues with .gb exports, they now load correctly on the HW and all emulators.
Fixed a little detune in YM2612 frecuency table calculation. (thanks Raijin for the report)
Fixed Sample Delta set while using a delay command in the same row in SEGA PCM.
Fixed some Note Slide effect bugs.
Fixed a bug with the key-repeat feature while changing between fullscreen and windowed mode.
Fixed a bug while copying/pasting using channel switching with Ctrl+Right/Left.
Manual Updated.