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Mobile version feedback
« on: June 25, 2018, 11:08:30 pm »
People with access to the mobile alpha version can leave feedback here in the forum  8)
or here:  8)
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Mobile version feedback
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2018, 03:15:03 am »
After using it a tiny bit over the last week I thought I'd finally give my initial feedback here.

I'd say my biggest surprise is how well it generally runs. I haven't used the mobile version enough to run into the big issues I've encountered on the desktop version but my impressions are that the performance is on par with the desktop version.

Here's the issues I've noticed:
  • Scrolling left to right in the main interface tracker screen is completely opposite of the convention that most mobile apps use. eg: to scroll right you drag your finger to the right. This makes it makes it a bit difficult to navigate and I constantly find myself being confused as to why I can't scroll. It's confusing because scrolling in the file browser works using the normal convention.
  • When scrolling in the file browser, if your finger was touching a folder when you started scrolling then it opens that folder once you release your finger. Scrolling also commonly resets and scrolls back to where you started
  • The piano roll has a "fat finger" issue where when you play a note it will accidentally play 2-3 notes at a time. This probably wouldn't be as big an issue on a larger screen or if someone had some kind of touch screen pen for their phone. For me though it makes it almost impossible to input notes with the on screen piano keys.
  • Scrolling in the space between the wave macro and the duty cycle macro in the instrument editor can sometimes make the duty marco scale to impossible numbers. Example

One specific area I'd like to address is keyboard input. I got a normal usb keyboard to work with Deflemask using an OTG cable. I'm extremely happy with how well this works. As someone who uses most of Deflemasks shortcuts I am happy to see that highlighting, and even the transposition ctl + Fkeys shortcuts work. There are only 2 things that I noticed that are missing from this.
  • Note playback when entering notes.
  • the numpad / and * shortcuts for changing octaves.
IMO these 2 things are huge and make it really difficult to make music without.

On a whole, I question how much I would use the mobile version. I personally find it unusable for making music without a keyboard and even after that the overall clunkyness of the rest of the interface makes me question why I wouldn't use the desktop version on a laptop instead at that point.

One area I find it very very useful is in showing up WIP modules to people. At Chiptune meets I have commonly not had access to my WIP work that I want to show people. Having a mobile version of Defle means that you can show off modules that you want to show to others. The good performance on my crappy Chinese phone really shows how useful mobile Defle can be in this regard. Talking to most other veteran users of Deflemask it seems that most people agree with this point.

All in all I'm happy to see Defle having some active development after a couple of dormant years. I think that there is real potential with the next version for some really positive improvements. If I notice more issues/bugs I will post more replies to this thread.