Author Topic: Noob question - how do I start making Genesis chiptune with an actual Genesis?  (Read 912 times)

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I really wanna start making chiptune. I love Yuzo Koshiro's Streets of Rage soundtrack so much that I wanted to get into making music using the proper Genesis fm chips and stuff, one problem, I literally know nothing! I mean I can make music on Logic and stuff, but how can I connect the Genesis to my Mac etc, do I need to modify the Sega Genesis somehow? If anyone could link me to any super basic tutorials with videos showing how to connect the Sega Genesis to my mac, that would be amazing. Thank yoU!

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Well, I have to ask firstly what it is that you're trying to accomplish? Is the end-game an mp3 uploaded to YouTube? Or are you trying to write music that will be put onto a physical Genesis cartridge? Just trying to get a sense of that your next steps should be.

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This is probably necro, but I think this will help a lot because I have done it already.

Get yourself a flash cart for the Sega Genesis (krikzz has the Mega Everdrive line, which are amazing - definitely get one of these). Export your song to a binary, which you can do in DM, and pop it on an SD to put into your flash cart!

As far as making chiptunes using an actual Genesis goes (like on-the-cart in-system tracker using your joypad), idk.

Deflemask IS the closest you can get to hardware, and it's already available for at least three different platforms (more if you count the many Linux distros).


But yeah - DEFINITELY pick up a Mega Everdrive! The latest one, preferably, but at least get one.  8)


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it need some kind of new version of SMD :) with WiFi and shared folder, where will be coped some files, for launch it on SMD.