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GameBoy .mod format export.

There is a new GameBoy sdk called GB Studio.
You can easily make simple games with it but it only supports .mod files for music, meaning that you'd have to compose your music in OpenMPT or MilkyTracker.

Here is the music documentation page for GB Studio
can you make one small thing?

maximum patterns can be as 127. it is .b type - byte. -127 up to 127. can it be changed to .a type? ancii how it names... 0 up to 255?

      1 Byte: Pattern Matrix Value: (Index from SYSTEM_TOTAL_CHANNELS loop, Index from TOTAL_ROWS_IN_PATTERN_MATRIX loop)

with this 255 maximum value i can import more notes from midi file.

same is need to be done with 0B effect, that is make loop. i dont know wich type of param this effect have, but it need to .a type too, for correct jump to place, that will be over 127 value for pattern number.

not important: i am not familiar with Deflemask and it have a dificult navigation. can it have some search button? where i can set what exactly i want to search - note, or effect, or volume or whatever patterns can have. and this search will jump into that row and that pattern, where is lay that item, that i am search.

next not importand - can it have button: "remove all not using instruments" ?
Show Off Your Work / Re: Custom FM Instruments
« Last post by SeregaZ on May 21, 2019, 06:49:27 PM »
forum is not very popular - comes to discord channels. it have a lot of people :) i am hope some one is helps to you.
Show Off Your Work / Re: Custom FM Instruments
« Last post by Bouillasse on May 21, 2019, 11:12:51 AM »
Hi! How can i create an instrument from a sample / wav ? i think i can but i don't find how in the forum :(
General / Re: DefleMask Mobile
« Last post by Spazbiohaz on May 21, 2019, 09:19:10 AM »
I just found this app as I am getting into chiptune music, and it is really good! The price is just about right, and I look forward to the updates.

One feature that is popular on iOS music creation is the support for AUM and Audiobus, through the Inter-App Audio feature. This would allow midi-in support, and also allow us to sample tracks to use with different effects apps.

It could also be cool to support Audio Unit Extension in these apps, to use the synth engines. This might be out of the scope though.

Thanks again for the great mobile app!

Thanks! If it weren't for marcb0t's advice and tutorials, I would've stuck with the "same-y" mix-and-match kind of thing using existing patches made or ripped by other users. While I do have a pack of my own FM patches (which I shared in #resources in the Discord server), these days, I more or less customize the FM patches to better fit any song I make or cover.
Good stuff. Your sound design skills have really improved since you started posting here. :)
General / Re: DefleMask v0.12.1 pre-release
« Last post by SeregaZ on May 20, 2019, 02:41:36 PM »
why sometimes songs not loads into Deflemask, when i am click on that songs? it start Deflemask, play intro melody... and then shows empty field. then i am going to menu and load that file manualy - that is work. it is 0.12.0 and this version happen. but sometimes it is open fine.
Can you easily implement the arpeggio function for FM instruments? That would be great.
How does deflemask bypass the 2A03's sound restrictions and flaws. For example you can play high quality samples in deflemask which to my knowledge is not possible to do on the NES. And when using the DPCM channel the Triangle and Noise channel volumes are not effected but how, that was a flaw in the 2A03 soundchip so how are they doing that here. And when you export to nsf and play it on an emulator,IT JUST WORKS, SO HOW. Anyway i usually use famitracker to make NES music but when i was using deflemask NES mode i noticed these changes cause in famitracker you can't get samples to sound like they do in deflemask. anyway can someone please explain to me whats going on here and how they accomplished this.
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