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General / Re: PSG samples?
« Last post by Bruce A. Dyson on Today at 11:06:30 AM »
Unfortunately, Deflemask doesn't support sample playback in PSG channels. A hack in the PSG was known to stream sample data through the volume port of an audio channel at max frequency, but was limited for ROM space and CPU usage. As an example, After Burner 2 on Mega Drive uses intensive CPU timing to push "good-quality" PCM through the PSG, which was rarely used compared to the DAC of the YM2612. In this MC68000 + Z80 setup, one would be for sound and the other for everything else, but that's my guess.

There is a SN76489 sound tracker called "SnoozeTracker" which lets you play custom waves and even samples (like I said) using the same processor techniques. However, you can't make Mega Drive/Genesis tracks there, which pretty much sucks.
Show Off Your Work / Re: Potential Labyrinth - YMU759 original
« Last post by Bruce A. Dyson on Today at 01:46:33 AM »
The video is now-deleted. Why? Why didn't I discover Deflemask and the forums before then? THIS IS GARBAGE. You should bring the video back on YouTube very soon!
Okay. SCSP is a sample based audio chip anyways. Try using trackers that are based around sampled audio (e.g ModPlug Tracker, Impulse Tracker). If you want another system to be included, vote for one of the options above.


SCSP can condense it's 32 sample channels to be divided into 8 separate 4 OP FM channels. It can even be tweaked to produce sounds that rival even the DX 7.


Actually, the subdividing of operators can be customized in a variety of arrangments, and you can use sample data as the base oscillation for an operator. Very powerful FM sampling combo. From what I heard, you are not limited to SINE based FM.

I assure you, it is no ordinary sample based tracker. SCSP is actually the most advanced exclusive synth chip that's ever been inside any video game system.
Vote for OKIM6295!
Show Off Your Work / Re: Share your short loops/doodles/jingles
« Last post by JetStar1997 on June 21, 2017, 07:04:36 PM »
Two Konami jingles recreated for the Commodore 64 (SID 6581): The Konami Logo, and the "pause" sound effect.
Show Off Your Work / Xexyz - Cyborg Rider (PCE-TG-16 Cover)
« Last post by JetStar1997 on June 21, 2017, 06:59:03 PM »
Xexyz - Cyborg Rider covered on PC Engine, Enjoy!
PC-88/98, SNES AND GBA audio?? DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE >o<';
I want all of them...

I feel the same way too. I wish I could choose more than one... :(
PC-88/98, SNES AND GBA audio?? DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE >o<';
I want all of them...
I'm hoping for Delek to add in the YM2608 sound chip. The NEC PC-88 and PC-98 really need a tracker and I hope to see support for exporting songs in .s98 format.

I second this post. As someone who has an interest in old soundchips, I would like to compose music that uses this chip.
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