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It outputs to the speakers only 1 note or it doesn't put chords in the patterns at all?
General / Re: Please can you get rid of that horrible mask?
« Last post by marcb0t on March 19, 2018, 12:19:31 PM »
I like your efforts to actually offer a diplomatic solution. Much better than what most people do.

And I think the new logo is interesting. I would be OK with it, personally.

Although, I do think the new cell shaded Deflemask logo is better than the older CG one. I'm happy either way.
Not sure if this is a bug or just something that hasn't been implemented. I'm using Genesis mode, The polyphonic midi input only registers and records a single note being played while the tracker is playing and recording at the same time, I guess you could call it live tracking. If i was able to use said live tracking mode I could stream 6ch midi files into DefleMask using a program called LoopMIDI and a MIDI editor.   
I've started to get into Deflemask, so I've decided to make a genesis cover of an old keygen song.

Here it is:
General / Re: Please can you get rid of that horrible mask?
« Last post by No Mask on March 13, 2018, 07:44:46 PM »
Hi Delek, thanks for the answer! :)

I am using the latest version but even the new logo is too spooky for me! Could I convince you to make it a little smaller perhaps? Or make it so you can hide it?

Or, might you be interested in seeing other ideas for a logo?

I work in design… I've just had a try at creating a logo that is less scary, but still kind of cool. This is what I came up with…

General / Re: Please can you get rid of that horrible mask?
« Last post by Delek on March 13, 2018, 01:02:14 PM »
The mask was changed to make it less spooky, download the latest release.
To remove it is not an option, it is the logo of the software.
General / Please can you get rid of that horrible mask?
« Last post by No Mask on March 13, 2018, 11:48:04 AM »
Hi, I've been looking for a tracker that can create Megadrive music, and Deflemask seems perfect. Looking through the features, it seems excellent in many ways.

But there's just one problem… that horrible mask face!

It is HORRIBLE. I simply cannot bear to look at it. How can I use this software with that creepy, sinister, disturbing, evil looking mask fact staring at me? Even the icon is bad enough, but having this big spooky face in the interface makes the program unusable for me. The weird computer chip in its eye makes it look even more disturbing and sinister.

Is there any way you could PLEASE change it, or allow it to be hidden, and the icon changed? I'm sure it's going to put a lot of people off using DefleMask. (I signed up just to make this request by the way.)

Also, that intro which plays on the splash screen. Is there any way to disable it? Again, it is just horrible. I absolutely hate dubstep music, it's such an aggressive type of music - listening to it is like being assaulted! If people want to listen to that then fine but I don't. I like pleasant videogame music, like Sonic the Hedgehog. Nice, wholesome music. Dubstep is dark and sinister, and so is the mask icon. It's like there's a kind of "evil" theme to Deflemask, but I am not an evil person, I love things that are good and pure.

Finally, probably a pointless question, but are there any brighter skins available that aren't dark? Just so that it looks like a normal application?
General / Re: YM2612 Multi Frequency Mode AND CSM Mode
« Last post by Slotsoa on March 13, 2018, 06:01:37 AM »
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Show Off Your Work / [Genesis] Scramble Over the Desert (feat. Mihaelkyeah)
« Last post by Pegmode on March 11, 2018, 05:35:42 PM »
Hey all, here's a Sega Genesis collab I did with Mihealkyeah for Winter Chip 13 on Battle of the bits. I tried going for an arabic 90 fighter jet theme.

Soundcloud link
General / Re: Michirin's SUPER Instrument Pack! (For PC engine)
« Last post by Michirin9801 on March 11, 2018, 10:14:17 AM »
Yes. I have no idea whats wrong with the RAR file.
There you go! Check the original post.
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