Author Topic: [GB] Deflemask hardware player confirmed working in 3DS Virtual Console emulator  (Read 3641 times)

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So, I managed to get the Deflemask hardware player to work in 3DS Virtual Console! And now I will show you how to do it yourself!

1. Download code.bin from the attachment and place it in the root directory of the SD card along with the exported ROM.
2. Re-insert the SD card and launch any GB Virtual Console game. I tested with Kirby's Dream Land 2, but it should work fine with other GB games. (If you don't have any Virtual Console games, then this walkthrough doesn't apply to you.)
3. Tap the Touch Screen to bring up the Virtual Console menu, and then press the Home button.
4. Using the 3DS Internet browser, go to (Make sure you delete your history and cookies first!) The touch screen should turn green, and then it should boot you back to the Home menu saying an error occured. (Don't worry, the error is normal.)
5. Press the Home menu button to return to the Virtual Console game, and then tap the Reset button.
6. ?

Shitty low-quality photo taken with a shitty low-quality webcam which somehow proves that I'm not duping you:

Recording which also somehow proves that I'm not duping you:
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Wow good news! Awesome :) !!!

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What next? Running LSDJ on a Nintendo 3DS?
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You just necrobumped this thread.

I should probably point out that the glitch that made this possible has been patched in the latest system update.